Ancient technology

During the growth of the ancient civilizations, ancient technology was the result from advances in engineering in ancient times. These advances in the history of technology stimulated societies to adopt new ways of living and governance.

This article includes the advances in technology and the development of several engineering arts before the Middle Ages, which began after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476, the death of Justinian I in the 6th century, the coming of Islam in the 7th century, or the rise of Charlemagne in the 8th century. For technologies developed in medieval societies, see Medieval technology and Inventions in medieval Islam.

A significant number of inventions were developed in the Islamic world; a geopolitical region that has at various times extended from al-Andalus and Africa in the west to the Indian subcontinent and Malay Archipelago in the east. Many of these inventions had direct implications for Fiqh related issues.

Ancient civilizations

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A page out of history

China Daily 29 May 2023
... which stretches back more than 1,000 years, and are eager to try their hand at the craft, which is considered one of the four great inventions of ancient China, on a par with printing, gunpowder and the compass....

Why the ancient site of Newgrange sounds a lot like my office

RTE 29 May 2023
How do I know this? Well, I am able to recreate the acoustics of this ancient site (and pretty much any other space) using some recently invented technology ... I find myself asking what we actually know about the music and sound of ancient times ... the inhabitants of ancient Ireland....

15 Fascinating Facts About The Sumerians

Ancient Origins 28 May 2023
The ancient civilization of Sumer never ceases to captivate and intrigue ... It is possible that the Sumerians invented this military tactic ... They were the widely used medium by ancient Sumerians - with paper not being invented, soft clay tablets were the next best thing ... The Ancient Sumerians Invented the Plow and Heralded Progress....

Sebastian, Poetics of Space

The Cleveland American 28 May 2023
Because Sebastian is a man of numbers, and like the ancients, he measures the harmony of the universe from human scale ... A charming Sebastian who feels the space of invented cities, is the artist I spoke with more than twenty years ago during a meeting of innovators in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua....

The V&A collection

The Times/The Sunday Times 23 May 2023
Fox Talbot, the polymath who pioneered photography through the salt paper and caliotype processes he invented, was also an MP and an expert on ancient history....

India-China: A look at the similarities – Dainik Savera

The Eastern Herald 21 May 2023
Buddhism originated in the eastern part of ancient India, it is believed that Buddhism originated from Bodh Gaya in India and is one of the oldest religions today ... Both ancient China and ancient India considered religion very important ... Both ancient China and India had religious teachers who invented these popular religions....

The ancient history of kissing

Democratic Underground 20 May 2023
Yet, a substantial corpus of overlooked evidence challenges this premise because lip kissing was documented in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt from at least 2500 BCE onward ... Humanity’s earliest recorded kiss occurs in sources from the ancient Middle East. Kissing is attested in ancient Mesopotamian texts from 2500 BCE onward....

Earliest evidence of kissing pushed back 1,000 years

Beijing News 20 May 2023
Instead, lip kissing is documented in ancient Mesopotamia - present-day Iraq and Syria - from at least 2500BC onwards ... People in ancient Mesopotamia may have invented writing for the first time, though it was roughly contemporary with its invention in ancient Egypt as well ... Later, it was adapted to write Akkadian, an ancient Semitic language....

The First Recorded Kiss Happened 4,500 Years Ago In The Middle East

IFL Science 18 May 2023
Humans have been French kissing since long before the language of amour was invented, which means we may have been spreading diseases by snogging throughout our history ... Dating all the way back to around 2500 BCE, these ancient kissing chronicles describe a number of curious incidents and conventions....

The Origins of Kissing Relocated to Mesopotamia

Ancient Origins 18 May 2023
10 Funny and Fascinating Wedding Rituals from Ancient History Human Herpes Linked to Emergence of Kissing in the Bronze Age Not Just A Human Show of Affection ... The history of kissing in ancient Mesopotamia ... Ancient Origins ... Rediscovered Clay Tablets Reveal Ancient Mesopotamians Invented Kissing 1,000 Years Earlier Than Thought....

The ancient history of adding insult to injury

The Facts 16 May 2023
Audiences might assume action films invented these one-liners. But as I’ve demonstrated in my work researching ancient Greco-Roman epic poetry, the origin of this sort of rhetorical violence goes back thousands of years ... The ‘vaunts’ of the ancient epics ... The parameters of ancient epic duels mirror action film fights....

Look up tonight! Ghostly 'Da Vinci glow' will illuminate the crescent moon this evening – ...

The Daily Mail 16 May 2023
From painting the Mona Lisa to his pioneering research, it's no secret that Leonardo Da Vinci was a world-renowned genius ... READ MORE ... Advertisement ... Professor Pollacco continued ... 'Little-known to most, one of Leonardo's finest works is not a painting or an invention, but rather something from astronomy. He solved the ancient riddle of Earthshine.' ... ....

Stop dancing around the carcinogens in our water

Albuquerque Journal 14 May 2023
There are some bottled waters that are safe if the water is ancient, artesian groundwater that recharged the aquifer before the damn stuff was invented by 3M company in the 1930s. This also goes for Freon 12 that was invented by chemists working for General Motors in 1928 and for ......

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