Ancient technology

During the growth of the ancient civilizations, ancient technology was the result from advances in engineering in ancient times. These advances in the history of technology stimulated societies to adopt new ways of living and governance.

This article includes the advances in technology and the development of several engineering arts before the Middle Ages, which began after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476, the death of Justinian I in the 6th century, the coming of Islam in the 7th century, or the rise of Charlemagne in the 8th century. For technologies developed in medieval societies, see Medieval technology and Inventions in medieval Islam.

A significant number of inventions were developed in the Islamic world; a geopolitical region that has at various times extended from al-Andalus and Africa in the west to the Indian subcontinent and Malay Archipelago in the east. Many of these inventions had direct implications for Fiqh related issues.

Ancient civilizations

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The Verona Astrolabe Reveals A History of Islamic – Jewish Scientific Exchange

Ancient Origins 04 Mar 2024
Tom Almeroth-Williams/University of Cambridge. The identification of an eleventh century Islamic astrolabe bearing both Arabic and Hebrew inscriptions makes it one of the oldest examples ever discovered and one of only a handful known in the world ... The Verona astrolabe ... 6 Advanced Ancient Inventions Beyond Modern Understanding The Volvelle ... Star Map ... F....

‘Promote Sanskrit; share ancient Indian wisdom with public’

Hindustan Times 01 Mar 2024
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) sah sarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal on Thursday appealed to scholars of Indian oriental studies to share the Indian knowledge tradition with public and tell people about Vaastu Shastra, and the thought process and inventions done in India during ancient times. RSS sah sarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal at SSU. (HT Photo) ... “....

This Is Where Our Game Began

New York Magazine 01 Mar 2024
by the Vandals, who were credited in turn with inventing the ancient, Northern European game of “longball.” Medieval Normans played grande théque, while their French cousins played la balle empoisonée, the Germans had schlagball, and the Finns played pesapällo ... invent baseball....

The 10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend

New York Magazine 01 Mar 2024
Want more TV and movie picks? Subscribe to our weekly Streamliner newsletter here. Clockwise from top. Dune. Part Two, Shōgun, Iwájú, and The Regime ... Email ... Dune ... What I love about this sandy, sandwormy epic is that it also became an excuse for composer and mega-nerd Hans Zimmer to get his friends to re-invent ancient instruments to create its music ... ... ... ....

Two-sentence writing contest for kids coming up

Addison County Independent 29 Feb 2024
This year’s contest challenges young writers to “tell a two-sentence story that takes place in the sky.” Loosely tied to the upcoming total eclipse on April 8, the contest draws inspiration from the stories and legends ancient civilizations invented to explain sky phenomena ... We had comedy, horror, tragedy, sci-fiyou name it ... .......

How the World Made the West by Josephine Quinn review – rethinking ‘civilisation’

The Guardian 28 Feb 2024
A radical new history of the ancient world that challenges modern chauvinism Like the railway and the telegraph, western civilisation was invented in the 19th century....

What Dennis Rodman, Kate Moss and a 5,000-year-old Alpine iceman have in common

The Los Angeles Times 28 Feb 2024
... decryption code tattooed on a man’s body and then photographed and shared online? Though tattooing has changed little technically since ancient times — apart from the 19th century invention of the tattoo machine — modern technology is investing it with thorny new implications....

JOHN MACLEOD: A refreshing cup of Earl Grey is just my cup of tea (and ...

The Daily Mail 28 Feb 2024
But tea has been drunk avidly ever since and, in 1840, Anna, Duchess of Bedford, invented ... And, like so much about the pomp and circumstance around British royalty, the royal garden party is a recently invented ancient tradition; the first thrown by Queen Victoria in June 1868....

Seven Fascinating Things about Greek History (Video)

Ancient Origins 27 Feb 2024
Firstly, the ingenuity of the ancient Greeks in matters of hygiene surprises ... Innovation permeated Greek society, with inventions ranging from the delectable cheesecake enjoyed by ancient Samians to the world's earliest vending machine, dispensing holy water in exchange for coins, crafted by the ingenious Hero of Alexandria....

World's 'oldest' lipstick dug up in Iran's Jiroft district dates back 3,700 year

The News International 26 Feb 2024
Researchers are certain that the lipstick originates from a local Bronze Age society, possibly the ancient Marḫaši, even though the exact provenance is still unknown owing to looting. Nevertheless, it's still unclear who owns the lipstick and whether this suggests that lipstick was invented in ancient Iran....

CLiF Challenges Young Writers To Tell A Story In Just Two Sentences

Caledonian Record 26 Feb 2024
This year’s contest challenges young writers to “tell a two-sentence story that takes place in the sky.” Loosely tied to the upcoming total eclipse on April 8, 2024, the contest draws inspiration from the stories and legends ancient civilizations invented to explain sky phenomena. × This page requires Javascript ... Recommended for you .......

Forget what you saw in Jurassic Park! Hilarious images reveal what scientists thought dinosaurs...

The Daily Mail 25 Feb 2024
This painting, Duria Antiquor (A More Ancient Dorset), was painted in 1830 and is believed to be the first ever piece of paleoart - the depiction of life based on the fossil record ... In 1854, sculptor and paleoartist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins unveiled 30 statues of dinosaurs and ancient mammals in the Crystal Palace garden....

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